Kehitysyhtiö Fokus Oy

Summary in English

Kehitysyhtiö FOKUS Oy is in the business of developing a better performing organization through finding the best specialists to be recruited, developing better leadership and management practices, enhancing employee motivation and applying better performance management.

The principal partners Mr. Esa Vihervuori and Mr. Harri Toivola both have an extensive international and national educational background. Mr. Vihervuori graduated from The Concordia University, in Montreal. Mr. Vihervuori's majors of B.Com. were marketing and international marketing. Mr. Toivola has M.Sci. in psychology from the universities of Upsala in Sweden and of Åbo Akademi, in Turku, Finland.

In addition Mr. Toivola has a special training in various therapeutic fields of group therapy and individual therapy. Below is an example of how an consulting process of Kehitysyhtiö FOKUS is carried out.

Recently two distinguished practitioners of management development, human resource management and psychology have joined Kehitysyhtiö FOKUS' team of experts. M.Sci. in psychology Ms.Merja Tuomola joined the team in May 2011 and Ms. Päivi Nordin joined our team in beginning of 2015.

Esa Vihervuori:

"The FIRST focus in our consultation engaments is to analyze how an organization is performing i.e. carrying out its main task, the mission, how the management operates, how the work is organized, how the feedback system within the workteam works and what the general working climate is. In all, this is how we will find out, where the fundamental reasons for slack performance, poor working climate or conflicts between people in an organization lie. We focus the forthcoming interventions on very strict analysis.

Based on this initial analysis we summarize our findings in a repport of recommendations. This repport suggests steps to be taken in order for the organization/the team to start performing more efficiently. These concrete measures often include or consist for example of: management/leadership training or coaching for supervisors and management. For the whole team we may also provide workshops or training e.g. in conflict management skills, communication and social skills.

Our clients consist of community organizations, private and public companies of all sizes. Our working languages also include English and Swedish.

Give us a call or drop an e-mail. We'll be glad to come over to tell you more about our projects.